Sustainability Policy | Flowers on the farm at Hope Farm Retreats Glamping

Sustainability Policy

We have already implemented many ‘green’ initiatives and we intend to continue to seek out better ways of working, of telling the truth about climate emergency, of acting now and doing business that does not deplete the resources for future generations.

Carbon Footprint Calculation

The Carbon Footprint business calculator projected our electricity usage as 0.06 tonnes of Co2 annually. Our air source heat pump provides the power for all our hot water and heating. To begin to offset and mitigate some of this, we have planted nearly 3,000 tree whips around the site with the help of community volunteers.

What else are we doing?

We have also undertaken a range of other Sustainable initiatives:

  • #Supportlocal – We buy 80% of our supplies from within the Forest of Dean and Wye Valley. This includes using local trades and craftsmen, buying from the local community shop The Pantry, or local farm gate suppliers for our BBQ packs and milk.
  • Our cleaning products are naturally derived and non-toxic, such as borax, lemon juice, and cider vinegar when possible and safe. We use Method as our brand of choice for antibacterial cleaning. We also use a UVC electric light after cleaning to sanitise, without further harsh chemicals.
  • The furniture for our tents is unique, upcycled wooden pieces. The bed frames are new. The mattresses contain lyocell, a fabric made from wood pulp, an excellent environmental choice, from responsibly managed forests.
  • All our linen is new and we use manufacturers who have a responsible cotton policy.
  • Much of the materials for the renovations were recycled, such as scaffolding planks for The Flower Barn floor.
  • We can dispose of some waste on site, such as cardboard for brown composting and jars for the flower farm. The composting from the eco loos is also used for the flower farm.
  • Our water is harvested for irrigation, with plans to connect it for toilet flushing
  • Our electricity is supplied by Ecotricity 100% green and vegan certified. We have motion detectors and timers in the shower block and external lighting to reduce usage.
  • In the Summer of 2022, we installed 2 electric car charging points.
  • Biodiversity has been our priority during the planning of the site, with multiple bat boxes, swift cups, sparrow nests, hedgehog hides, and bug hotels installed across the 13-acre site. We also have an active meadow management plan, using sheep for hard grazing in Winter.
  • Our car park was constructed from recycled road surface, otherwise destined for landfill (10 tonnes)
  • All paint used on site was zero VoC
  • Toilet and shower fittings are British designed by Bristan
  • There are no lights between the main buildings and the tents. Any external mains lights around the main buildings have cowls to reduce light spill for bats, motion, and dusk sensors.
  • We have a number of bats and bird boxes on site.
  • 3 hedgehog shelters were installed.
  • We have planted an orchard of 20+ specimen fruit trees lining the route to the glamping field, including plum, cherry, pear and apple.
  • We are working to regrade with meadow flowers and plantings to enhance the existing habitat
  • Grasses/reeds are to be allowed to grow in some areas to provide additional wildlife habitat, managed by grazing.
  • We have created stick and log piles in this area, as well as leaving some areas of bramble cover for invertebrates and small mammals.
  • We have worked to ‘gap up’ hedges that were ripped out in the 80s with the indigenous tree, such as pedunculated oak, English oak, hawthorn, dogwood, dogrose, elder, hazel, willow, rowen, alder, beech, hawthorn, and silver birch.
  • We have a large (1m square) bug hotel

How you can help too?

Our location is very special, where England meets Wales – separated by the meandering River Wye, a place of timeless beauty and untamed nature. The Wye Valley is regarded as one of the finest lowland landscapes in Britain, a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) and the Forest of Dean is an ancient area of forest and a popular destination for visitors to explore and enjoy outdoor activities.

We would be most grateful if you would do what you can to be a responsible visitor and green guest, to love the forest and help keep it special.

Here are some ways you could help us:

#SupportLocal where you can please use local products and services. They give you a flavour of the area and create a vibrant local community. This includes the vast array of artisan makers, try a visit to Taurus Crafts in Lydney to see them at work.

There is also a wide range of award-winning local food and drink producers worth supporting:

  • The Pantry Community Village shop just a short walk from the farm – best for local fresh produce, delicious cakes, essential groceries, Cinderhill Farm sausage rolls and alcohol.
  • Cowshill home-reared rare breeds meat is sold in the extensively stocked farm shop and deli just outside the village. Perfect for a BBQ with good provenance
  • Chase Farm is located on the road towards Chesptow, about 3 miles from the village selling whole milk and ice cream from a vending machine at the dairy.
  • Or pop into our nearest town of Coleford and browse the fantastic goodies available at Forest Deli, including plant-based food. There is also an excellent fruit and veg shop in the town just opposite and local baker The Crusty Loaf.
  • The larger Brockweir Community Shop is located in the next village, selling daily papers and a range of delicious treats, including local wine and beer such as Wye Valley Brewery, Kingstone Brewery, Wye Valley Gin and Tintern Parva wine.

Exploring by foot or bike

We encourage you to explore on foot the local footpaths around the village, or Offa’s Dyke a short drive away. There are also excellent and varied cycle paths for all abilities in the forest. There is an OS Explorer Map for your use in The Flower Barn. Be aware you may come across sheep in the road across the forest, as well as boar and deer.

Please familiarise yourself with the countryside code: Please do not leave litter.

Save Precious Resources

The water here is safe to drink, so look for the marked tap in the field kitchen to refill bottles.

We use environmentally-friendly cleaning products and that you only put own ‘business’ or our ‘Who Gives a Crap’ toilet paper down the loo! Please place everything else in the bin provided.


Please place all glass, card, plastic wrapping, plastic containers, and paper in the green box under the counter in the kitchen. Food waste in the countertop green bin.

Any unopened and unwanted food can be left in the fridge for guests or staff, opened food can be enjoyed by the pets (but please do not feed them yourselves)!

On behalf of ALL the residents, in the Wye Valley and Forest of Dean, a great big thank you!

Jo, Mark & Izzy  x